News Corp Group bows to mounting pressure

How long does it take to scrap a 168-year-old top selling newspaper and force a media titan to re-think his takeover bid to expand his global empire?

Answer: Apparently, nine days.

Who could have predicted the News of the World phone-hacking affair would have such incredible ramifications.

The great Carl Bernstein referred to recent events as a “watershed for Britain” in Newsweek.

I found it rather hilarious and just a tad predictable the way ALL the MPs suddenly united in welcoming the the demise of the bid.

David Cameron’s about-turn is even funnier given his decision-making when it comes to employing a PR.

Another MP who looked decidedly uncomfortable today was hapless Jeremy Hunt.

Unsurprisingly, his rather timid announcement that he intends to refer the bid to the Competitions Commission now that News Corp has withdrawn it drew derision from all corners of the Commons.

You could barely hear him over the jeers.

I have to admit I am getting rather addicted the drama that has been unfolding.

If I am not switching back and forth from BBC News 24 to Sky News, then I am either checking Twitter or scanning news websites to compare and contrast who has uncovered what.

Not sure what I will do when it all dies down……..

Maybe I will take up gardening … then again maybe not – I kill Yuccas.

Don’t ask me how I do it, I just do.


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