Berlusconi’s ‘lifestyle’ makes headlines again

I was sitting in Starbucks with an “extra hot” grande cappuccino. I know, such a cliche. 

I thought dragging myself away from my laptop and changing my environment might spark the inspiration I needed to complete a chapter of my novella that has proved problematic in recent weeks.

Sadly, it did not. Instead, I became distracted by Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

The colourful premier is back in the news again not only because of his plan to target Italy’s tax evaders to claw back some much-needed cash, according to the Wall Street Journal, but also because of his alleged lascivious escapades.

The Telegraph reports that the 74-year-old has been described as being “only concerned with sex and nothing else”.

This latest revelation came after a transcript from a telephone conversation between a newspaper editor and the wife of a businessman was leaked.

I couldn’t help sniggering to myself causing a couple sitting opposite to look over at me quizzically.

In January this year, The Guardian published an article in which a famous Italian male porn star praised Mr Berlusconi’s lifestyle.

How does he manage to run a country now in the grip of harsh austerity measures while being at the centre of sex scandals?

I doubt an English prime minister would be able to weather such a storm.


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